Without commitment you will never start. But more importantly, without consistency you will never finish.

I am currently completing my military obligations in the Greek Army as required by the Hellenic Constitution. Previously I completed my undergraduate studies in the Department of Informatics at the Ionian University during which I graduated 1st in my class and recieved the Ionian University Academic Excelence Award. There, I founded the Ionian University IEEE Student Branch and was the Chairman for 2 years. I was fortunate to work closely with Prof. Ioannis Karydis, Prof. Katia-Lida Kermanidis and Prof. Markos Avlonitis as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in 3 research projects. My passion lies in the intersection of Robust and Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Unsupervised Learning. My long-term research goal is to build robots for long-term deployments in homes and workplaces, that are able to learn, adapt and cooperate with humans to achieve any task.

In my free time I browse through Semantic Scholar research feeds and drink cocktails with friends.