1. Towards a Personalized Multimodal System for Natural Voice Reproduction Gavras, Stelios, Baxevanakis, Spiros, Kikidis, Dimitris, Kyrodimos, Efthymios, and Exarchos, Themis In The SMAP Conference 2020
    Awaiting proceedings.
    [Abstract] [PDF]
  2. A Machine Learning Approach for Gender Identification of Greek Tweet Authors Baxevanakis, Spiros, Gavras, Stelios, Mouratidis, Despoina, and Kermanidis, Katia Lida In The PETRA Conference, June 30-July 3 2020 [Abstract] [DOI] [PDF] [ACM DL]


  1. Solving Atari Games Using Fractals And Entropy Hernandez Cerezo, Sergio, Duran Ballester, Guillem, and Baxevanakis, Spiros arXiv 2018 [Abstract] [arXiv] [PDF]